The book I read recently…

Nice to meet you all after a long time. 🙂

This post is about a book I read recently.

The One-Straw Revolution: An Introduction to Natural Farming by Masanobu Fukuoka

There are a lot of insights related to farming which I am sure you will like.

We all think there are 2 types of farming – Traditional and Scientific

But, he talks about another one Natural farming – which is ancient farming or do nothing farming – No ploughing, No Fertilizers, No Weeding, No Pesticides/Insecticides/Herbicides.

This is what he calls Simple and Do Nothing farming

We can draw a lot of parallels to Finance and Investing from this book – especially about our behaviour towards investing – like Simple, Do nothing and Conviction when you have to go against the larger crowd and how tough it is.

Such an amazing book I finished reading overnight – If I can, you can too – just 200 pages.

Even if you are not interested in a topic like Farming, I suggest you read this book – because I don’t see this book as just about Farming, and its more than that – you can consider this book as thoughts on farming, philosophy, living, nature etc., etc., as you can imagine it to be.

This book was written in 1975, but, you will feel this is relevant still today.

Let me know your feedback and comments as usual,


See you soon again,


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Interesting reads 22 Nov 2013 – Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, Ramesh Damani, Raamdeo Agrawal, Robert Shiller, Vitaliy Katsenelson and more

1. The 17 Equations That Changed The World –
An excellent distillation of world famous equations. I have heard a few and understood a very few, several are new

2. Are Bubbles Caused by Psychological Problems? –
Rober Shiller’s words on how economic bubbles can be compared to psychological malfunction.

3. Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, Ramesh Damani & Raamdeo Agrawal’s Investment Tips & Techniques –
A nice article on words of wisdom from India’s greatest investing minds.

4. How Position Sizing Based on Probability of Returns Can Save Your Portfolio –
Jae Jun of OSV writes about the role of probability in position sizing from the wisdom of Vitaliy Katsenelson

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Interesting reads 21 Nov 2013 – Bill Miller, Mohnish Pabrai, Bubbles

1. Two Dozen Things I’ve Learned from Bill Miller and Mohnish Pabrai about Investing –
Tren Griffin on his learnings from BIll Miller and Mohnish Pabrai – From Bill Miller, Points 8 (Value traps) and 10 (Profit booking) and From Mohnish Pabrai, Points 7, 8 and 9 (Moats and Comp Adv)

2. Add Rocket Fuel to Your Net Net Stock Portfolio to Boost Your Returns –
Wow. A simple and nice review and comparision on 2 companies – which may look great at first sight – only upon further analysis will know which company is better

3. The Greatest Economic Collapses In History –
One of the best books that I have read about Economic History is ‘The Ascent of Money’ by Niall Ferguson. This article from Business Insider gives a quick overview on worlds greatest economic collapses in history

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Interesting reads 17 Nov 2013 – Henry Singleton, Kenneth Andrade, Peter Lynch

1. Henry Singleton: A Master of Capital Allocation –
A nice article about lesser known (atleast for me :)) great investor and capital allocator Henry Singleton who generated 30% plus ROE and consistent YOY growth in EPS over a decade.

2. Kenneth Andrade Strategy For Buying Winning Stocks –
Kenneth Andrade – Fund manager of IDFC AMC and his investing approach, his winning and losing picks. Also, has a link to his interview in Economic Times.

3. Is Peter Lynch’s GARP Investing Dead? –
A nice argument on whether do we have opportunities to pick Peter Lynch style growth at reasonable priced stocks in today’s changing business environment.

4. Visiting the Basics of the Dividend Payout Ratio –
Revisiting Dividend Payout Ratio basics. Understanding this metric is very important in picking stocks.

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Interesting reads 15 Nov 2013 – Mohnish Pabrai, Multibaggers, Bargain hunting

1. Treasure Hunters of the Financial Crisis –
A long but interesting read on investors and funds who best utilised the 2008 financial crises and invested huge sums and reaped healthy returns

2. Discovering a Multi-bagger –
A simple and great article for us who are chasing multibaggers. As stated, the process should be right and result will follow, selecting, checking and confirming our conviction regularly and holding on with patience. Reference quote from Motley fool is very interesting

3. Keynote Address by Mohnish Pabrai –
A half hour video clipping on Mohnish’s keynote address at TiECON Southwest conference

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Interesting reads 13 Nov 2013 – Secrets and Guidelines to Investing, Psychology in Economics

1. Klarman: The Real Secret To Investing Is That There is No Secret To Investing –
An excellent post on value investing. Though read and heard many times over, worth reading again – quotes and references from various investors and books and their successes

2. 12 Investment Guidelines for My Grandchildren –
A dozen principles from Jae Jun for investing. Simple and easy to read and understand, but, let us make sure to implement

3. Human psychology in economics –
An nice excerpt from “Financial Whirlpools: A Systems Story of the Great Global Recession”, by Karan L. Higgins

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Interesting reads 11 Nov 2013 – Benjamin Graham, Jeremy Grantham, Jesse Livermore

1. Essay – Benjamin Graham: Investor and Person –
A short essay on Ben Graham, as a person, and investor.

2. Jesse Livermore: The Greatest Trader Who Ever Lived –
A brief history on the world’s greatest trader – Jesse Livermore. He made his first trade at age 15 and made handsome profits.

3. A Dozen Things I’ve Learned from Jeremy Grantham About Investing –
Tren Griffin elucidates his learnings from Jeremy Grantham – especially the ones I liked are 4,7,8,9 and 11

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