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Interesting reads 15 Oct 2013 – Nassim Taleb, Parag Parikh

1. The art of Bad-vising – http://bit.ly/GPVz5a
Parag Parikh Blog on retail investor behaviour based on their advisor’s direction, and how advisors provide advice to retail investors and the importance of the process in investing

2. A Dozen Things I’ve Learned from Nassim Taleb about Optionality/Investing – http://bit.ly/1gcI5Rp
Tren Griffin with a simple distillation on Optionality and Investing by Nassin Taleb


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Interesting reads 22 Aug 2013 – Parag Parikh on NSEL, Insider Trades, and Warren Buffett

1. Predictable Surprise: The National Spot Exchange Default – http://bit.ly/14ANEhy
Parag Parikh of PPFAS talks point by point in an excellent fashion on the recent NSEL default. Jotted down in bullet points on what went wrong and why it was predictable by asking logical questions, and explaining this fiasco from Behavioural biaes perspective.

2. Insider Buying Stock–Should You Care? How Much? – http://bit.ly/12hu4Jt
A good read on insider trading. Why following an insider buy/sell approach may not be good for a retail investor. 3 good reasons given by the author of this article to support this point.

3. How To Build A Company That Warren Buffett Would Invest In – http://onforb.es/17vRDxV
This article talks about the key characteristics of a business that would impress Warren Buffett. Key characterstics mentioned are the Economic Moat, Higher Margins and Return on Equity and Capital, Ability to rebound from failures, Capital Allocation etc.,

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Interesting Reads 23 July 2013

  1. Parag Parikh on Stock Markets
  2. A Dozen Things I‘ve Learned About Technology Investing


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