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Interesting reads 15 Nov 2013 – Mohnish Pabrai, Multibaggers, Bargain hunting

1. Treasure Hunters of the Financial Crisis – http://nyti.ms/1hyc0nH
A long but interesting read on investors and funds who best utilised the 2008 financial crises and invested huge sums and reaped healthy returns

2. Discovering a Multi-bagger – http://bit.ly/1824POz
A simple and great article for us who are chasing multibaggers. As stated, the process should be right and result will follow, selecting, checking and confirming our conviction regularly and holding on with patience. Reference quote from Motley fool is very interesting

3. Keynote Address by Mohnish Pabrai – http://bit.ly/173zdY5
A half hour video clipping on Mohnish’s keynote address at TiECON Southwest conference


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