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Interesting reads 11 Nov 2013 – Benjamin Graham, Jeremy Grantham, Jesse Livermore

1. Essay – Benjamin Graham: Investor and Person –
A short essay on Ben Graham, as a person, and investor.

2. Jesse Livermore: The Greatest Trader Who Ever Lived –
A brief history on the world’s greatest trader – Jesse Livermore. He made his first trade at age 15 and made handsome profits.

3. A Dozen Things I’ve Learned from Jeremy Grantham About Investing –
Tren Griffin elucidates his learnings from Jeremy Grantham – especially the ones I liked are 4,7,8,9 and 11


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Interesting reads 24 Oct 2013 – Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, Coca-Cola in India, Rural India growth

1. Changing face of Rural India –
A short and simple article and an excellent infographic on how Rural India is emerging and taking part in wider economy. Gives some insights on where growth is and could be in future, and accordingly identify sectors and stocks for further analysis.

2. Rakesh Jhunjhunwala’s bullish bets –
An article from Economic Times that captures Rakesh Jhunjhunwala’s latest investments in Indian markets. May give some clues for us to pick some stocks for further analysis.

3. 20 years of Coca-Cola: A roller-coaster journey in India –
An excellent article that captures Coca-Cola’s journey in India for the past 2 decades. A nice read.

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Interesting reads 28 Sept 2013 – Aswath Damodaran, Portfolio strategy, Maps of the world

1. A tangled web of values: Enterprise value, Firm Value and Market Cap –
An excellent article from Aswath Damodaran on various valuation measures for Equity, Debt and Cash and what any investor should watch out for in these while coming up with Enterprise valuation

2. Buffett vs Munger vs Schloss and Thoughts on Portfolio Strategy –
A quick read on the authors argument that combining multiple great investor’s strategy may dilute performance

3. 40 maps that explain the world –
A nice representation of the world map showing various – wirting systems, best/worst places to be born, emotions, tolerance, languages, crops, economic (in)equalities, child poverty, nuclear powers, etc., etc., An interesting browse through the world.

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Interesting reads 19 Sept 2013 – Nassim Taleb, Holding Companies, NCAV

1. The Bed of Procrustes — 20 Aphorisms from Nassim Taleb –
Key bullet points from Nassim Taleb’s famous book ‘The Bed of Procrustes’ – Though all points were good, I liked especially these – Addiction, Writing, Inversion, Modernism and Information Age.

2. How to Think About Holding Companies –
We do have a few holding companies listed in India – Tata Investment Corp, Bajaj Holdings, Rane Holdings etc., to name a few. Mostly they trade at a discount to their underlying businesses. This is nice article on how to view holding company structures and what all to look for while evaluating them before investing in.

3. Is the Stock Market Expensive? Use Graham’s NCAV Method to Find Out –
Looks like a simple and logical way to find out if market is going cheap of peaked out – Data is used on US Market.

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Interesting reads 14 Aug 2013 – Economics is an Art, Facts of Indian Economy, What millionaires do, 4000 years history of the world

1. 10 reasons why economics is an art, not a science –
Barry Ritholtz explains in an excellent fashion why economics is more of an art and not science. Explaining about how markets behave, how predictions of recessions is nearly impossible, usage of economic models, emotions driving contexts, forecasts and predictions by analysts, extrapolation of past events into the present and future etc.,

2. 10 facinating facts about Indian Economy –
Nice article explaining the strengths of our economy. Fastest growing economy, Key Exporter to world markets, Textile manufacturing abilities, Largest producer of Jute, Milk and Pulses, Largest retail market, Our excellence in road and rail and postal networks. In my opinion, we could have even added a few more like lot of youth population, nerve center for software industry

3. 19 Things The Millionaire Next Door Won’t Tell You –
Len explains several practically seem and possible things that anyone of us can do to become a millionaire. Most of these are already known to us like spending below means, patience in investing, paying off credit card debt in full, pay yourself first, second job, money management, planning, goals, compunding etc., but, still a good read.

4. The Entire History of the World—Really, All of It—Distilled Into a Single Gorgeous Chart –


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Interesting reads 03 Aug 2013

  1. Methods for Arriving at the Fair Value of Companies –
  2. 7 Simple Numbers That Will Grow Your Business –
  3. The Grandmother With Faith in Indian Stocks –
  4. Why most traders fail? –
  5. Few Dont’s by Phillip Fisher as given in his famous ‘Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits’ –


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Recommended Movies, Videos, and Documentaries

Thought I would share the list of recommended movies, videos and documentaries on Business, Economics, Finance, Investing, Stocks, and Money etc.,
I have seen some of these myself, but, most of them are still on my ‘to view’ list.
Please share your thoughts and the movies or videos or documentaries that you think I might have missed out.

  1. 25 Million Pounds – Adam Curtis
  2. 97% Owned – Directed – Peter Joseph
  3. American Casino (2009) – Leslie Cockburn, Andrew Cockburn
  4. America’s Bankrupt Banks (Inside the Meltdown) – Michael Kirk
  5. Barbarians at the Gate (1993) – Glenn A. Jordan
  6. Betting on the Market – PBS Frontline
  7. Billion Dollar Day – BBC
  8. Boiler Room (2000) – Ben Younger
  9. Breaking the Bank – PBS Frontline
  10. Career Success: Playing to Win the Donald Trump Way – Donald Trump
  11. Coca Cola- The Real Story Behind The Real Thing – Melissa Lee
  12. Collapse – Chris Smith
  13. Commanding Heights — The Battle for the World Economy – William Cran
  14. Debt Collapse – Mike Maloney
  15. Debtocracy – Katerina Kitidi and Aris Hatzistefanou
  16. Dragon’s Den – Sony Pictures
  17. Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room – Alex Gibney
  18. Family Man – Brett Ratner
  19. Floored – James Allen Smith
  20. Free to Choose  – Rose Friedman, Milton Friedman
  21. Frontline: Secret History of the Credit Card – PBS Frontline
  22. Frontline: The Warning (2009) – PBS Frontline
  23. GasLand  – Josh Fox
  24. Gung Ho – Ron Howard
  25. How the Banks Never Lose – BBC
  26. I.O.U.S.A – Patrick Creadon
  27. In Debt We Trust – Danny Schechter
  28. Inside Job – Charles Ferguson
  29. Margin Call (2011) – J.C. Chandor
  30. Overdose: The Next Financial Crisis – Martin Borgs
  31. Pirates of Silicon Valley (1999) – Martyn Burke
  32. Pursuit of Happyness – Gabriele Muccino
  33. Quants: The Alchemists of Wall Street – Rogier Hendriks, Marije Meerman
  34. Rogue Trader (1999) – James Dearden
  35. Secrets of Money – David Himot
  36. Something Ventured – Dan Geller, Dayna Goldfine
  37. (2001) – Chris Hegedus, Jehane Noujaim
  38. The Apprentice – Videos by Donald Trump – NBC Network
  39. The Ascent of Money – Adrian Pennick, Niall Ferguson
  40. The Bank – Robert Connolly
  41. The Company Men – John Wells
  42. The Corporation (2003) – Mark Achbar, Jennifer Abbott
  43. The Crash Course – Chris Martenson
  44. The Crash of 1929 – Ronald Blumer
  45. The End of Poverty? – Philippe Diaz
  46. The Flaw (2011) – David Sington
  47. The Last Days Of Lehman Brothers – Michael Samuels
  48. The Madoff Affair – Marcela Gaviria
  49. The Money Masters – William T. Still
  50. The Secret of Oz – Bill Still
  51. The Secret World Of Shoplifting – Andy Blicq
  52. The Social Network – David Fincher
  53. Too Big to Fail (2011) – Curtis Hanson
  54. Trading Places (1983) – John Landis
  55. Trillion Dollar Bet – Malcolm Clark
  56. Up in the Air – Jason Reitman
  57. Wall Street 1 – Oliver Stone
  58. Wall Street 2 – Oliver Stone
  59. Wall Street Warriors – Scott J. Gill, Sean Skelton
  60. Warren Buffett – Oracle of Omaha – PBS Home Video
  61. Warren Buffett Talks Business – Ian Darling
  62. Wizards of Dalal Street – CNBCTV18
  63. Working Girl (1988) – Mike Nichols

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