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Interesting reads 13 Nov 2013 – Secrets and Guidelines to Investing, Psychology in Economics

1. Klarman: The Real Secret To Investing Is That There is No Secret To Investing – http://bit.ly/19W0i0o
An excellent post on value investing. Though read and heard many times over, worth reading again – quotes and references from various investors and books and their successes

2. 12 Investment Guidelines for My Grandchildren – http://bit.ly/18o8zX5
A dozen principles from Jae Jun for investing. Simple and easy to read and understand, but, let us make sure to implement

3. Human psychology in economics – http://bit.ly/171ylDb
An nice excerpt from “Financial Whirlpools: A Systems Story of the Great Global Recession”, by Karan L. Higgins

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Interesting reads 25 Oct 2013 – Value Investing, Behavioural Bias, Warren Buffett

1. Value Investing: Skill Versus Luck Part I – http://bit.ly/1a9UNsP
A simple and nice article on Skill Vs Luck in investing, and why it is difficult to replicate great returns. Surprising to know Walter Schloss has underperformed indices for long time, but, eventually emerged out.

2. Value Investing: Skill Versus Luck Part II – http://bit.ly/1acPkoW
Part 2 of Skill Vs Luck article – discussing Luck Vs Skill in long term results and does luck play a role in good businesses etc.,

3. Five Ways Your Brain Tricks You Into Poor Investment Decisions – http://bit.ly/Hg1OQg
An excellent infographic on how our mind tricks us when making investing decisions – providing some behavioural biases examples

4. How Warren Buffett’s ‘LeBron James Analogy’ Could Make You A Fortune – http://bit.ly/1bi7XnT
About Warren Buffett on portfolio concentration by referring LeBron – NBA sports star and his endorsement concentrations

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Interesting reads 17 Aug 2013 – Seth Klarman, Berkshire, Inverted Questions, History of Rupee

How to Invest Like Seth Klarman – http://bit.ly/146VfrQ
Seth Klarman as we all know a famous hedge fund manager who has managed to deliver more than 20% annualised returns for the past 3 decades. Author of ‘Margin of Safety’ a book that is out of print and auctioned at $1000 per copy. What are the traits for investing like him? This article gives few pointers.

Value Investing: Why Doesn’t Everyone Do It? – http://bit.ly/14uWMU2
Why Value Investing is not being practiced by a lot of people? Simple reason, it is boring, less of action and thrill. You will not trade frequently, You will not churn money in and out. It takes a lot of patience, even for a very long time, waiting for your stock picks to be noticed by markets, patience to sit on cash for a long time and it may even be painful as you may be travelling on opposite direction of most others.

Invert, always Invert. 5 Inverted Questions for Maximum Investing Success – http://bit.ly/1bFsMux
Jae Jun from OSV talks about what Charlie Munger took from Carl Jacobi the 19th century German mathematician, and applied to investing. Asking the right questions in an inverted manner before investing may prove to be useful. A good read.

Should Berkshire Hathaway Go Private? – http://bit.ly/1cF7BwE
Larry Cunningham – author of one of the best books ever about Warren Buffett, ‘Essays of Warren Buffett: Lessons for Corporate America’ writes an interesting article with pros and cons of assuming should Berkshire go private.

The volatile journey of Indian rupee since independence – http://bit.ly/16nIomZ
As the rupee against the dollar has weakend upto Rs.62 this week, this article ponders over the history of the Rupee VS Dollar since Indian Independence. Starting at almost being equal in 1947, the rupee has very slowly depreciated and suddenly moved down since 1993.

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