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Interesting reads 04 Nov 2013 – Best Advice, Macroeconomic forecasts and Mr.Market Mental model

1. The best advice I ever got – Warren Buffett & Charlie Munger – http://cnnmon.ie/16oWenT
A snippett on best advice Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger got from each other – Investments, Business, Temprament, and Learning

2. A Dozen Investors Talk about the Folly of Macroeconomic Forecasting and the Importance on Focusing on Valuation/Margin of Safety TODAY – http://bit.ly/1fcuCow
Tren Griffin on – Benjamin Graham, Warren Buffett, Charlie Munger, Howard Marks, Michael Price, Sir John Templeton, Walter Schloss, Bill Ruane, Barry Rithholtz, and James Montier words on Macroeconomics and forecasts

3. Mental Model: Warren Buffett on Mr. Market – http://bit.ly/17H5F31
Warren Buffett’s explanation on Mr.Market in his 1987 letters to shareholders


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Interesting reads 02 Nov 2013 – Warren Buffett, Walter Schloss, Franklin Templeton

1. Buffett 101 & Investing for Higher After Tax Returns – http://bit.ly/16UtG2I
Pointers on cash flow discounting and also the link to the discussed “Investing for Higher After-Tax Returns” – http://bit.ly/1gin8Dx

2. Value Investing Works – Here’s Why – http://bit.ly/1aiYBpu
Some basics on Value Inveseting referred to greatest investing minds, and the link to Geoff Gannon’s article on Walter Schloss    “Walter Schloss: 1916 – 2012” – http://bit.ly/x41gKp

3. Warren Buffett Warns Amateur Investors Against This Common Mistake – http://bit.ly/1ctFmS1
Warren Buffett on mistakes made by investors like timing the market and frequent trading. The embedded slideshow on “Why people lose money while investing” is a great one to view

4. Top 10 corporations that control almost everything you buy – http://read.bi/1atNS1F
A nice infographic on greatest brands of the world and how many fast moving products they have, controlling the market. Applicable mainly for the US.

5. When Small is Big – http://bit.ly/1aIbe1F
An excellent write up from Franklin Templeton on ‘small is big’, tells us how and where to look for mid/small caps to become multibaggers – emerging markets and growth in middle class population which is and will drive this

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Interesting reads 28 Oct 2013 – Great Investors, Phillip Fisher, Walter Schloss, Bubbles

1. From Buffett to Fisher: Winning stocks identified using wisdom of 5 market gurus – http://bit.ly/1clVXH6
An excellent article from Economic Times – on short notes on 5 great investing gurus and a few stocks picked to match their style. Analyse these stocks further before deciding to buy or sell.

2. A Dozen Things I’ve Learned from Philip Fisher and Walter Schloss About Investing – http://bit.ly/1eYZ6dA
Tren Griffin distills the investment knowledge and wisdom from great investors Philip Fisher and Walter Schloss.

3. Historic Stock Market Bubbles Repeat. Learn and Predict the Next One – http://bit.ly/1dCFwpP
A collection of articles posted on Old School Value blog on various stock market bubbles – An excellent read.

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Interesting reads 17 Sept 2013 – Warren Buffett, Walter Schloss

1. A Dozen Sentences Explaining what I’ve Learned from Warren Buffett about Investing – http://bit.ly/1eY2pCL
One more distillation on Warren Buffet quotes – now from Tren Griffin, in his style

2. Walter Schloss’ 16 Golden Rules of Investing – http://bit.ly/1ekJMdp
Key points on Walter Schloss’ investment strategy. It is evident that great investors all think alike. Talks about Asset valuation more than Earnings visibility, Debt under control, Comparision of price to value, Strategy for selling etc.,

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