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Interesting reads 11 Nov 2013 – Benjamin Graham, Jeremy Grantham, Jesse Livermore

1. Essay – Benjamin Graham: Investor and Person – http://bit.ly/1frhPyJ
A short essay on Ben Graham, as a person, and investor.

2. Jesse Livermore: The Greatest Trader Who Ever Lived – http://bit.ly/16CHFNG
A brief history on the world’s greatest trader – Jesse Livermore. He made his first trade at age 15 and made handsome profits.

3. A Dozen Things I’ve Learned from Jeremy Grantham About Investing – http://bit.ly/17hbVel
Tren Griffin elucidates his learnings from Jeremy Grantham – especially the ones I liked are 4,7,8,9 and 11


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Interesting reads 06 Nov 2013 – Charlie Munger, Benjamin Graham

1. The Ultimate Guide to Successful Equity Investing – http://bit.ly/HGh4GS
A starter’s guide on Equity Investing from personalfn.com. Covers all basics on how to build a portfolio, valuation ratios, and lessons from great investors.

2. Charles Munger: A Lesson on Elementary, Worldly Wisdom As It Relates To Investment Management & Business – http://bit.ly/1bNdH9E
Complete transcript of a speech that Charlie Munger did in the USC Business School in 1994. It could be a repeat, but, as and when I get to see words of wisdoms from greatest minds, I try to read them again and post them again.

3. Common Sense Investing: The Papers of Benjamin Graham – http://bit.ly/1b5dBvD
Jae Jun has posted on oldschoolvalue.com the collection of papers from Benjamin Graham. Wealth of knowledge. Must read (I am yet to read in full though):)

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Interesting reads 04 Nov 2013 – Best Advice, Macroeconomic forecasts and Mr.Market Mental model

1. The best advice I ever got – Warren Buffett & Charlie Munger – http://cnnmon.ie/16oWenT
A snippett on best advice Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger got from each other – Investments, Business, Temprament, and Learning

2. A Dozen Investors Talk about the Folly of Macroeconomic Forecasting and the Importance on Focusing on Valuation/Margin of Safety TODAY – http://bit.ly/1fcuCow
Tren Griffin on – Benjamin Graham, Warren Buffett, Charlie Munger, Howard Marks, Michael Price, Sir John Templeton, Walter Schloss, Bill Ruane, Barry Rithholtz, and James Montier words on Macroeconomics and forecasts

3. Mental Model: Warren Buffett on Mr. Market – http://bit.ly/17H5F31
Warren Buffett’s explanation on Mr.Market in his 1987 letters to shareholders

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Interesting reads 31 Oct 2013 – Sir John Templeton, Warren Buffett, Benjamin Graham

1. How to get rich like Sir John Templeton – http://bit.ly/17PQDo7
A short and simple article on Sir John Templeton’s success – Surprisingly he borrowed money in 1930s and invested with guts in the stock markets, when everyone was running away from it during Great Depression

2. Warren Buffett: Top 3 investing mistakes to avoid – http://usat.ly/1bovELu
Warren Buffett’s advice to avoid 3 investing mistakes – Timing the market, Mimicing others and Paying fees & Expenses

3. Seven Key Tips to Value Investing – http://bit.ly/1aJQEya
Benjamin Graham’s 7 advices for value investors – Never lose money, Do not speculate, Avoid margin trading, Beware of Mr.Market, Margin of Safety, Analyse Management, and Read, Read and Read

4. Benjamin Graham on Liquidating Value – http://bit.ly/1aEVvAr
Though most of us do not invest in companies at liquidation value (unless you want to buy the entire business), this is still a good read to understand how Benjamin Graham analysed such companies during 1930s in his book Security Analysis

5. The Quality of Business Earnings – Checklist of Questions – http://bit.ly/17XkNFZ
One more checklist for investors – these 17 questions provide some insights on what to look for in a business

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Interesting reads 08 Oct 2013 – Mohnish Pabrai, Warren Buffett, Benjamin Graham

1. Does Valuation Matter? – http://bit.ly/16rgO3y
An article on why valuation matter and types of valuation and issues in finding fair value of a stock

2. Inflation and Stock Selection – http://bit.ly/1ci2PV4
This article focuses on how inflation impacts stock returns, and companies that stand to benefit and loose from inflationary scenario.

3. The Almighty Investment Strategy Following the Footsteps of Ben Graham – http://bit.ly/1afA0UG
A nice article on Ben Graham’s Net Net approach and situations that trigger such opportunities.

4. Mohnish Pabrai: Here’s Why Buffett Bought Coke (KO) in 1987 – http://bit.ly/GzFRL8
An excellent article which refers to Mohnish Pabrai’s points to note on why and how Warren Buffett bought Coke.


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Interesting reads 01 Oct 2013 – John Bogle, Benjamin Graham, Warren Buffett

1. A Dozen Things I’ve Learned from John Bogle About Investing – http://bit.ly/1bQkq6c
Tren Griffin writes about his learnings from John Bogle on Investing – He talks about the importance of costs and expenses, simplicity in index funds, biases and mutual funds
2. A Dozen Things I’ve Learned from Benjamin Graham about Investing – http://bit.ly/1bkjLea
Tren Griffin writes about his learnings from Benjamin Graham on Investing – He talks about predictions/forecasts, finding undervalued stocks, margin of safety, Mr.Market and more
3. Articles that form the core of ‘Tap Dancing to Work’ – http://bit.ly/19QbvMi
This link contains all the articles from Fortune magazine about Warren Buffett, which Carol Loomis compiled into an excellent book ‘Tap Dancing to Work’
4. The Best Way to Improve Investment Skills: “One Case Study After Another” – http://bit.ly/18aae4L
A nice article on how a value investor should approach business and investing, and importance of case studies, and references to other great articles and blogs


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Interesting reads 10 Sept 2013 – Barry Ritholtz, Bill Gurley, and Benjamin Graham

1. A Dozen Things I have Learned from Barry Ritholtz about Investing – http://bit.ly/17pj8Y7
A nice distillation of a dozen points from Barry Ritholtz, most of them are about how to handle emotions and behavioural aspects of investing.

2. A Dozen Things I’ve Learned from Bill Gurley about Investing and Business – http://bit.ly/16dFQGs
This is a compilation of various pointers like Macroeconomics’ inputs for investing, Venture Capital issues, Myth busting on entrepreneurship, competition and business valuation.

3. Benjamin Graham’s Net Current Asset Value Approach – http://bit.ly/17hhL18
The NCAV valutation methodology found by Ben Graham in 1930s still hold good for business valuation – though this may not be a core valuation metric, because this looks only at net current assets at liquidation value. A very frequent topic of reading, but, still interesting to read.

4. Life Advice From 18 of the Wealthiest People in History – http://bit.ly/17Wph4i
A nice collection of centuries of life quotes from greatest minds and world’s wealthiest. Very well presented in graphic form. Wow.

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