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Interesting reads 09 Nov 2013 – Sanjay Bakshi, Suresh Poojari, Vijay Kedia

1. Professor Sanjay Bakshi’s Value Investing Articles/Talks – http://bit.ly/1bboGtk
An excellent collection of everything by our professor Sanjay Bakshi – Wealth of information to preserve and read and re-read
2. Meet Mumbai’s rags-to-riches Restaurant King – http://bit.ly/1hQ77Ed
Story of an entrepreneur restauranteur Suresh Poojari – A true Rags to Riches story of the famous restaurant ‘Sukh Sagar’ (Ocean of happiness)
3. What We Can Learn From Vijay Kedia’s Strategy Of Finding Multibagger Stocks – http://bit.ly/1hoCR5p
A short introduction about Vijay Kedia – a successful stock investor and his approach of finding great businesses and his portfolio success


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