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Interesting reads 17 Nov 2013 – Henry Singleton, Kenneth Andrade, Peter Lynch

1. Henry Singleton: A Master of Capital Allocation – http://bit.ly/cJMda1
A nice article about lesser known (atleast for me :)) great investor and capital allocator Henry Singleton who generated 30% plus ROE and consistent YOY growth in EPS over a decade.

2. Kenneth Andrade Strategy For Buying Winning Stocks – http://bit.ly/1cVlQhk
Kenneth Andrade – Fund manager of IDFC AMC and his investing approach, his winning and losing picks. Also, has a link to his interview in Economic Times.

3. Is Peter Lynch’s GARP Investing Dead? – http://bit.ly/1eNehJN
A nice argument on whether do we have opportunities to pick Peter Lynch style growth at reasonable priced stocks in today’s changing business environment.

4. Visiting the Basics of the Dividend Payout Ratio – http://bit.ly/18Fp4y6
Revisiting Dividend Payout Ratio basics. Understanding this metric is very important in picking stocks.

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