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Interesting reads 02 Nov 2013 – Warren Buffett, Walter Schloss, Franklin Templeton

1. Buffett 101 & Investing for Higher After Tax Returns – http://bit.ly/16UtG2I
Pointers on cash flow discounting and also the link to the discussed “Investing for Higher After-Tax Returns” – http://bit.ly/1gin8Dx

2. Value Investing Works – Here’s Why – http://bit.ly/1aiYBpu
Some basics on Value Inveseting referred to greatest investing minds, and the link to Geoff Gannon’s article on Walter Schloss    “Walter Schloss: 1916 – 2012” – http://bit.ly/x41gKp

3. Warren Buffett Warns Amateur Investors Against This Common Mistake – http://bit.ly/1ctFmS1
Warren Buffett on mistakes made by investors like timing the market and frequent trading. The embedded slideshow on “Why people lose money while investing” is a great one to view

4. Top 10 corporations that control almost everything you buy – http://read.bi/1atNS1F
A nice infographic on greatest brands of the world and how many fast moving products they have, controlling the market. Applicable mainly for the US.

5. When Small is Big – http://bit.ly/1aIbe1F
An excellent write up from Franklin Templeton on ‘small is big’, tells us how and where to look for mid/small caps to become multibaggers – emerging markets and growth in middle class population which is and will drive this


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