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Interesting reads 25 Oct 2013 – Value Investing, Behavioural Bias, Warren Buffett

1. Value Investing: Skill Versus Luck Part I – http://bit.ly/1a9UNsP
A simple and nice article on Skill Vs Luck in investing, and why it is difficult to replicate great returns. Surprising to know Walter Schloss has underperformed indices for long time, but, eventually emerged out.

2. Value Investing: Skill Versus Luck Part II – http://bit.ly/1acPkoW
Part 2 of Skill Vs Luck article – discussing Luck Vs Skill in long term results and does luck play a role in good businesses etc.,

3. Five Ways Your Brain Tricks You Into Poor Investment Decisions – http://bit.ly/Hg1OQg
An excellent infographic on how our mind tricks us when making investing decisions – providing some behavioural biases examples

4. How Warren Buffett’s ‘LeBron James Analogy’ Could Make You A Fortune – http://bit.ly/1bi7XnT
About Warren Buffett on portfolio concentration by referring LeBron – NBA sports star and his endorsement concentrations


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