Market Cap – How big can it get?

Look at the data given below for these companies, when they were listed, their listing market cap and today’s market cap and calculate for yourself how many times multibagger these are.

Company Name Listing Listing Day Mkt Cap approx (in Cr) Current Mkt Cap (in Cr)
Reliance 1977 10.00 818,507.00
TCS 2004 47,000.00 785,202.00
HDFC Bank 1995 200.00 564,829.00

There are close to 30 companies in NSE whose market cap is more than one lakh crore ( and of course they are multi-multi baggers for investors over past few decades.

But, the question is, how big can they get from here?

Can we expect the top 3 companies to become atleast a 10 bagger in next couple of decades? – that would be anywhere from half trillion to more than one trillion dollar market cap.

No one can answer with certainty. It may not happen, or may happen in a much longer time – not just in a couple of decades.

We may also see a spin off of the lines of businesses to happen to unlock value and list them separately, which is happening with some of the BFSI behemoths like HDFC and ICICI listing their AMC and Insurance businesses.

Hence, top market cap stocks can remain in an investor’s portfolio as pillars of foundation / all weather stocks and for consistent dividends, and any investor looking for 25x or 50x gains over next decade and beyond should look elsewhere.

Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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