Interesting reads 18 Aug 2018 – Amazon, Financial Statements, MicroCaps…

Chart: Amazon’s Dominance in Ecommerce

Almost 50% of US online retail space is with Amazon and the next in competition comes far behind at 6.6% market share which give Amazon a very long runway to capture more market share in coming years
Amazon has consistently increased its market share over the years and its prime day sales are growing at 50-60% yoy
Financial Statement Analysis and Reporting

Lectures on Finance. A nice collection.
Though I havent seen all videos yet, this seems to be a good start for anyone who wants to learn a course on Finance
You Aren’t Going To Be Right All The Time

Crisp articulation of managing a portfolio of you have microcaps.
Yes, there can’t be a perfect checklist to filter good businesses. Especially for microcaps which don’t fit any mold.
For ex.,
Eicher motors would not have qualified under any checklist 10 years ago when it was trading around 260.
Only a few investors found value in this company, but, their point was the truck business had a bright future which was not understood by the market.
Surprisingly, the motorcycle business soared and started delivering results under the management of Sid Lal.
The investors were surprised by this move and whomever held on to this turn of events made 100 bagger in 10 years.


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