The book I read recently…

Nice to meet you all after a long time. 🙂

This post is about a book I read recently.

The One-Straw Revolution: An Introduction to Natural Farming by Masanobu Fukuoka

There are a lot of insights related to farming which I am sure you will like.

We all think there are 2 types of farming – Traditional and Scientific

But, he talks about another one Natural farming – which is ancient farming or do nothing farming – No ploughing, No Fertilizers, No Weeding, No Pesticides/Insecticides/Herbicides.

This is what he calls Simple and Do Nothing farming

We can draw a lot of parallels to Finance and Investing from this book – especially about our behaviour towards investing – like Simple, Do nothing and Conviction when you have to go against the larger crowd and how tough it is.

Such an amazing book I finished reading overnight – If I can, you can too – just 200 pages.

Even if you are not interested in a topic like Farming, I suggest you read this book – because I don’t see this book as just about Farming, and its more than that – you can consider this book as thoughts on farming, philosophy, living, nature etc., etc., as you can imagine it to be.

This book was written in 1975, but, you will feel this is relevant still today.

Let me know your feedback and comments as usual,


See you soon again,


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