One Investment website that amazes me daily – The Safal Niveshak Post

Hi Readers,

I’ve subscribed to this free daily e-letter called The Safal Niveshak Post, which contains simple ideas on investing in stock markets and how investors must behave while dealing with their money.

I’m finding it quite useful and thought you might be interested as well.

You can sign up for The Safal Niveshak Post here:

Or if you want to first read about the e-letter before signing up, visit this page:

The aspects I love the most about this website are the following:

1. Posts on Warren Buffet and his investing style and wisdom from his Letters to shareholders.

2. Posts on Charlie Munger and his valuable resources.

3. Articles on mental models

4. Wealth of information through great posts and articles grouped by world’s great investing minds

5. This website has 20 lessons for a smart investor, which is a free course and a must for anyone aspiring to have a control of their personal finances and investing

6. It also conducts various workshops and mastermind courses.

7. Many many more…

Balaji Ganesan


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