Interesting reads 19 Oct 2013 – Seth Klarman, Warren Buffett, Bruce Greenwald

1. Patience and Capacity to Suffer – Lessons from a Legendary Value Investor –
Seth Klarman’s Baupost Group vastly underperformed the S&P index from 1995 to 1999 – that is during the tech boom. What Seth Klarman has to say in his letters to shareholders during this period.

2. Free Equity Research Reports India –
An useful article on anyone looking for equity research reports. These google groups provides lots of information about markets and research reports.

3. An Interview With Bruce Greenwald, Value Investing Guru –
A youtube video on Bruce Greenwald’s interview on investing.

4. How Warren Buffett Thinks About Risk Management –
A short and simple article on how Warren Buffett thinks about Risk Management. Also, how he initially decided not to invest in his friends startup and later decided to invest. Find a link to an hour long video with Alice Schroeder.

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