Interesting reads 12 Oct 2013 – Margin of Safety, Behavioural Finance, Inversion, Nassim Taleb

1. First and Always: Margin of Safety –
A simple and a nice article on margin of safety – quoting from Ben Graham, Walter Schloss and Seth Klarman – A simple one like ‘Graham also compared the earnings yield on a stock to the prevailing interest rates to find a margin of safety’.

2. 5 Examples of People Being Completely Irrational With Money –
An excellent piece of reading on Behavioural Finance with experiments and researches done by major universities and organizations. Surprising to know how irrational we humans behave and make decisions in finance.

3. Invert, always Invert. 5 Inverted Questions for Maximum Investing Success –
A nice read on the famous quote from Carl Jacobi, and re-quoted by Charlie Munger on Inverted thinking, with some verted and inverted questions to ask before making any investments

4. Risk Control: Nassim Taleb Versus Reality –
An interview with Nassim Taleb on Risk Control.


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