Interesting reads 02 Oct 2013 – Mark Sellers, Market Bubbles

1. Mark Sellers Speech to Investors –
A nice article explaining the approach taken by these investors – calculating downside risk, aiming for an upside equal to 3 times the downside risk, margin of safety and importance of calculating probabilities.

2. How Many ‘Greater Fools’ Does It Take to Make a Bubble? –
A quick and short article on how bubbles are formed, how too much of information leads to it etc.,

3. Do You Need to Know Something the Market Doesn’t? –
Author talks about his investment phillosophy and 3 important things he looks during an business analysis 1) Owner earnings, 2) Enterprise Value, and 3) What happens in year 4?

4. Investing is a Game of Failure –
A nice comparision of Stock investing and Baseball


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