Interesting reads 26 Sept 2013 – Economy, Currency, and few metrics

1. How The Economic Machine Works –
An interesting video on how Economy works
2. How Currency Works –
A simple but, excellent explanation of how the currency works – Starting from barter system, through paper currency, upto the current electronic payments, this article puts down in simple language. Minted currency started as back as 2500 BC as metal rings, coins were introduced as back as 700 BC and current paper currency were introduced during Tang Dynasty in China during 618-907 AD
3. Top 3 Useless Stock Metrics that Investors Use –
In this article the author tries to explain how Price to Sales, Enterprise Value to Free Cash Flow and Return on Assets are not so useful metrics. But, I still think the ROA is still a very useful metric. But, isn’t any metric to be considered along with other key parameters / ratios?


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