Interesting reads 21 Sept 2013 – Warren Buffett, Seth Klarman

1. This is How Buffett Interprets Financial Statements –
A short excerpt from the famous book ‘Warren Buffett and the Interpretation of Financial Statements’. A brief on how he interprets 3 key accounting statements.

2. How Do I Make Money in the Stock Market? –
Three key points that are important for making money in the stock market – Avoiding businesses using obsolete technology, Avoid businesses with high debt, Avoid businesses that shrink in competitive advantages. Also this article has a few links to very useful posts

3. Seth Klarman’s 3 Method for valuing a business –
This article briefs the 3 key methods of Seth Klarman when valuing the business. Dicounted Cash flow, Liquidation or Net Net working capital and Market Value – in case of close end funds – Also highlights importance of using which one and when. In my opinion we can mix and match and use all or more than one for each valuation

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