Interesting reads 19 Sept 2013 – Nassim Taleb, Holding Companies, NCAV

1. The Bed of Procrustes — 20 Aphorisms from Nassim Taleb –
Key bullet points from Nassim Taleb’s famous book ‘The Bed of Procrustes’ – Though all points were good, I liked especially these – Addiction, Writing, Inversion, Modernism and Information Age.

2. How to Think About Holding Companies –
We do have a few holding companies listed in India – Tata Investment Corp, Bajaj Holdings, Rane Holdings etc., to name a few. Mostly they trade at a discount to their underlying businesses. This is nice article on how to view holding company structures and what all to look for while evaluating them before investing in.

3. Is the Stock Market Expensive? Use Graham’s NCAV Method to Find Out –
Looks like a simple and logical way to find out if market is going cheap of peaked out – Data is used on US Market.


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