Interesting reads 18 Sept 2013 – Seth Klarman, Tom Russo

1. Learning from Superinvestors: The Wisdom of Tom Russo –
Tom Russo sharing his thoughts on investing and shares his investment tenets. He certainly is an admirer of Warren Buffett. Also, in this article he gives out 4 key points that he looks for in a business. Also, a nice note on Nestle –
2. How the US Created a Monster in the Federal Reserve –
An interesting article on formation of the Federal Reserve in the US, and also few pointers on Gold standard, and some misconceptions on having or not having this standard
3. How to Research and Determine the Growth Rate of a Company –
Jae Jun on factors that should influence our thoughts while determining the growth rate of a company – True that it should pass the qualitative metrics prior to even thinking about quantitative metrics. Also, the importance of FCF in determining the growth rate
4. Seth Klarman on the Painful Decision to Hold Cash –
Seth Klarman’s text on holding cash and the dilemma that any one would have making decisions.


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