Interesting reads 13 Sept 2013 – Larry Sarbit, Seth Klarman, Margin of Safety

1. The Four Pillars of Successful Business Investing –
This article focuses on Larry Sarbit – Chief Investment Officer of Sarbit Advisory Services from Canada and his investment tenets – Four important pillars of successful business investing – Most of these are already heard from other great investors, but, worth reading again from his perspective
2. The Importance of Paying a Bargain Price –
Another article on Larry Sarbit – on buying at a bargain price – a detailed look at Margin of safety from his perspective – Also has an interview video embedded from youtube
3. Margin of Safety. Not Used Enough. –
A simple and nice article on Margin of Safety – Definitions from various sources and especially I like the graphical representation
4. Seth Klarman’s Investment Framework –
An article that distills Seth Klarman’s investment framework – Risk and Downside check, Margin of Safety, Bottom up approach, Importance of research and Developing a framework for investing


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