Interesting reads 10 Sept 2013 – Barry Ritholtz, Bill Gurley, and Benjamin Graham

1. A Dozen Things I have Learned from Barry Ritholtz about Investing –
A nice distillation of a dozen points from Barry Ritholtz, most of them are about how to handle emotions and behavioural aspects of investing.

2. A Dozen Things I’ve Learned from Bill Gurley about Investing and Business –
This is a compilation of various pointers like Macroeconomics’ inputs for investing, Venture Capital issues, Myth busting on entrepreneurship, competition and business valuation.

3. Benjamin Graham’s Net Current Asset Value Approach –
The NCAV valutation methodology found by Ben Graham in 1930s still hold good for business valuation – though this may not be a core valuation metric, because this looks only at net current assets at liquidation value. A very frequent topic of reading, but, still interesting to read.

4. Life Advice From 18 of the Wealthiest People in History –
A nice collection of centuries of life quotes from greatest minds and world’s wealthiest. Very well presented in graphic form. Wow.

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