Interesting reads 28 Aug 2013 – PEG Ratio, John Maynard Keynes, Business Checklist, Phillip Fisher, Indian economy, and Special Situations

1. Beware The PEG Ratio –
What are the other factors to look at and how we can get distracted just by blindling following the PEG ratio
2. A Dozen Things I’ve Learned About Investing from John Maynard Keynes –
A nice compilation of John Maynard Keynes’ Financial wisdom
3. Tom Gardner’s Great Business Checklist –
An useful checklist for analysing and filtering out good businesses to invest in
4. 10 Don’ts for Investors from Phillip Fisher –
Taken from Common Stocks and Uncommon profits, and good compilation of 10 key points from Phillip Fisher for investors
5. There Are Plenty Of Reasons To Believe India Will Avoid A 1991-Style Crisis –
A nice article by Business Insider on India’s current economic cycle and highlighting the positives of our economy.
6. How To Invest In Special Situations – 5 Essential Criteria –
A nice article that defines a special situation, and a formula from Benjamin Graham to capture the values and five key points to consider while investing in special situations


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