Interesting reads 23 Aug 2013 – When to sell stocks, Competitive Advantages, Carl Icahn’s investment strategy

1. Nuggets of Advice on Selling Stocks from Investing Greats –
Excellent collection of quotes from various investing great minds like Warren Buffett, Benjamin Graham, Seth Klarman, Sir John Templeton, George Soros and various others. The one I like the most is from Seth Klarman, for his simple statement about risk.
2. Investing In An Age Of Transient Competitive Advantages: A Book Review –
Columnist John M.Mason reviews the book “The End of Competitive Advantage,” by Rita Gunther McGrath, published by the Harvard Business Review Press in 2013. In this article he also talks about his investing approach – durable competitive advantages, how he measures it and market share of the company in an industry.
3. How To Invest Like Carl Icahn –
An interesting article on Carl Icahn’s career and his investment strategies, his big wins and his current portfolio. Even though we as normal retail investors dont have the financial strength to take his investment approach, it is a good read to understand how great investors think and execute.


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