Interesting reads 12 Aug 2013 – Irrational behaviour, Mohnish Pabrai presentation, Margin of Safety and Valuation guide

1. Irrational behavior and all justifications – Author talks about how irrationality drives markets with good examples, mostly seems true –
2. Mohnish Pabrai ISB Hyderabad July 2013 Presentation – A lengthy presentation by Mohnish Pabrai in ISB Hyderabad on investing –
3. The 3 Most Important Words in Investing – Why margin of safety is important in investing decisions. This article talks about an example by Warren Buffett’s investing in the company Data Documents. Given the uncertainity of predicting future business prospects, it is great to pick good stocks based on consistent current or even past performance, but with a margin of safety –
4. The Ultimate Guide to Stock Valuation – This guide from Jae Jun of Old School value is an excellent book on valuation. This talks about Why Valuation matters and emphasises that Valuation is an Art. This book discusses 8 key valuation techniques. Finally it suggests a list of books to read for every investor –


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