Interesting reads 10 Aug 2013 – Buffett’s key investment parameter, Rakesh JhunJhunwala on Markets and Opportunity and Who is Charlie Munger

1. As we know, Buffett has invested in very diversified set of businesses. But, he talks about investing in businesses that one understands well. So he finds something that is a common characteristic in all his investments. Daniel Sparks talks about this one important thing Buffett’s holdings have in common. –

2. Warren Buffett has always talked about missing the opportunity of investing in Walmart. Somehow he had delayed the investment in this company until 2005. With which business does he compare any new investment and why –

3. Interesting Interview with Rakesh Jhunjhunwala in ET Now channel, where he talks about the current market condition and how it is an opportunity to pick great businesses at lower valuations, and his views on few sectors –

4. What is so great about Charlie Munger? A nice collection of Charlie Munger and few Professional and Personal information and also his best quotes and endorsements –


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