Interesting Reads 7 Aug 2013 – Howard Marks on investing, Questions to ask before investing, and Buybacks

1. Howard Marks as we all know a great investor and writer. His talk in the Equity Income Summit 2013 on what are the key questions that investors need to answer –

2. Phil DeMuth, a Forbes columist talks about the one key question everyone should ask before investing – The question is ‘Do you have the edge over others’. What matters is knowing clearly whether you have the edge or not and admitting it. Never think you have an edge, which you do not, and go wrong –

3. An excellent article by Equity Master on buybacks. This talks about what is a buyback, to understand the motive behind the buyback, what should investors look for and analyse and should they surrender their shares or not and what metrics to look for. Recently in Indian markets we see a pipeline of buybacks in the past few years, few of them were rewarding for investors like HUL, and some are not –


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