Interesting reads 06 Aug 2013 – Financial manipulations and Investment checklist book review

All through our investing years we have heard and some of us could have even experienced bad situations like Ponzi schemes, financial manipulations by companies which does not attract investors and make existing shareholders exit.

Here are 16 such examples of how companies could possibly manipulate their account books. But, few of these could only be applicable for US markets, but, most of them apply for Indian scenarios also.

16 Financial Shenanigans That Got Companies Into Tons Of Trouble


Old School Value’s Jae Jun has come up with a nice review on the book “The Investment Checklist” by Michael Shearn

In 11 Chapters, the books seems to cover Searching for businesses, Basics, Business cycles, Importance of Customer, Strengths and Weaknesses, Operational and Financial health, Cash flow, Management, Leadership, Future Growth and Mergers and Acquisitions

By the review it looks like this book should be an excellent read. Book is also available at Flipkart.

The Investment Checklist – Book Review


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