Why ‘Failures’ are not published, analyzed and discussed

Why ‘Failures’ are not published, analyzed and discussed

There are lots of books, articles, interviews, blog posts written and discussed about successful businesses and entrepreneurship.

We keep reading about how to be a successful entrepreneur, how to build and run a successful business, what all the ‘good things’ that we should do to be successful.

I always wonder why no one talks about ‘how not to’ do a business or ‘what to avoid’ in entrepreneurship or any negatives to avoid in a business venture to be successful.

We have heard from various leaders and successful people, that ‘failures are stepping stone to success’, ‘try try till you succeed’, ‘bounce back from every failures’, ‘make mistakes to learn and be successful’, ‘learn from others failures’ etc., etc.,

But, why not those successful leaders and entrepreneurs share their failures.
Or, why the media is not talking about or reaching out to entrepreneurs whose businesses have failed to get their lessons learned and share with budding and wannabe entrepreneurs?

Why are we not getting any (or as much) books, blogs, articles published on those tons and tons of experience?

Can any of you share your thoughts on the above points? Or, have you come across any publication that regularly talks on these lines above?


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