Interesting reads – 10 July 2013

The Nine Investing Secrets of Warren Buffett—and how to profit from them By Professor John Price
Points given below and for detailed reading click here:

Secret #1: Invest in quality businesses,not stock symbol
Secret #2: Don’t invest for ten minutes if you’re not prepared to invest for ten years
Secret #3: Scan thousands of stocks looking for screaming bargains
Secret #4: Calculate how well management is using the money they have
Secret #5: Stay away from “glitter” stocks
Secret #6: Know what a fat pitch is and what to do with
Secret #7: Calculate how much money you will make, not whether the stock is undervalued or overvalued according to some academic model
Secret #8: Remove the weeds and water the flowers — not the other way around
Secret #9: Become a conscious investor

How to invest like Warren Buffett

The Stock Market Bubble is Harder to Spot Than You Think


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