Reason why I wanted to start a blog on this subject and what am I planning to write here.

I have always thought Investing, Economics and Finance as one of the most underestimated subjects by common people in India.

We also at times think of money as a subject that is only for elders and having a passion towards it is a sin.

In my humble opinion,

These are topics for all age groups and especially in a country like India which is part of an actively growing economy and expected to be one of the super economies of the future.

Hence, Learning about these is a must for every one in this country, and I would love to see these topics even as part of the school curriculum.

In this blog I am planning to write regularly about the articles that I come across in various news feeds and interesting reads and references, links etc., on the above subjects.

I hereby request every reader of this blog to share your thoughts, and opinions on my posts and comments on my posts.


Balaji Ganesan


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